Anyone who owns a well established website knows how important selecting the appropriate domain name can be.  The first rule in selecting an appropriate domain name is to stay away from any names that you may find to be clever, silly, stupid, catchy, or ridiculous. III. Option to Modify Access Rights  Domain names should always be simple and something that visitors to your site can remember easily if they should lose the link to your website. They should also be short enough to type.

It is extremely important to note that on "free servers" or "cheap servers" such as Geocities or AOL, which can seem like the best and least expensive way for you to go, your domain name could be dropped from other search engines who ignore domain address from these types of servers.

When your website is recognized by others including search engines, using a domain name that appears more professional would be one that includes the name of your business as well as any associated words, which would aid in getting more attention to your website.  As a result, your website as well as your business will appear much more stable to visitors and potential customers.

A domain name can be purchased for around one hundred dollars.  There are also special companies that will register your domain name for you as well, if the domain name you have selected is not already being used by another business.  Keep in mind that using a keyword within your domain name can aid in increasing your ranking with some search engines.